Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Update on the living room!

I have to say my simplification and organization of the living room are going well.  The new furniture looks really nice and gives the room a whole new feel.  The kids have fallen in love with the new couch. 

So far, I have gone through the toys culling anything that has been outgrown or not used.  I reused some round barrel type bins from the old house.  These hold a lot of Cooper's toys an manage to conceal the clutter.  I put his books and puzzles on the shelves of the entertainment center for his easy access.  Other toys were grouped by type - like "cars" and "educational" and put in large basics that reside on shelves of the entertainment center.

My next task is to tackle the stuff behind the couch.  There are threes baskets back there.  One is full of blankets and throws.  Another is full of stuffed animals and the last is full of balls.  I have to break up the room into sections; it is less overwhelmimg and I can actually finish a task in as little as 15 to 30 minutes.

One tip for reducing clutter is to make three piles: "keep", "donate", and "trash".  Avoid a "garage sale" pile unless you know you are having one really soon.  If you have really nice items, especially kids stuff; there a number of places that will buy or consign your items.  My favorite is Once Upon a Child.  I am sure ther others too. 

Looking forward to hearing comments.  I will post pictures soon!

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