Friday, July 20, 2012

My Journey to SIMPLIFY my life!

This is my new motto.  I am on a mission this year to simplify.  I have decided the first step to simply my life is to declutter and organzie the house. Who knew this would be so hard?  When we moved in this house two years ago, I was very much expeccting our little boy.  He came ten days later in fact.  Needless to say we rushed to unpack the house and luckily had lots of help from family.  But we really didn't put much thought into placement or making determinations on whether we needed the item or not.  So we kept it all and stuffed here and there in cabinets and closets.

I have read several articles, books and posts about decluttering and organizing this year.  I think I have a plan now and will begin the journey today. 

So far, I am going to break the house into zones and try to work through a room in a two week period.  I work full time - so I can only spend a short amount of time per day working on this.

  • Living Room
  • Kitchen
  • Master Bed and Bath
  • Game Room
  • Dining Room
  • Kids Room 1 and Bath
  • Kids Room 2 and Bath
  • Kids Room 3 and Bath
  • Study and Craft Area
  • Laundry Room

I didn't include the garage because we have already cleaned out and organized this area earlier in the year.  We have to maintain it though and my husband does a good job of that.

In my blog, I will keep track of my plan for each zone, the progress, trials and tribulations I face.  I will also post the before and after pictures of each zone.

I am off to take pictures of the first zone...the Living Room.  I am beginning here because we have a new set of furniture being delivered tomorrow.  The old couch's new home will be in the game room and the old entertainment center is in the garage awaiting a new home.  Although new furniture is set to arrive, my challenge is dealing with the mountain of toddler toys that live in the corner of the living room.  I have a few ideas of how to deal with these...I will surprise you with the results!

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Jennifer Kahn said...

I'm excited to see how you do on your mission to simplify. I feel like I am on a constant mission as well, but with 4 kids who are 8 and under, another baby who will be here in a month and a full time job, I am out of energy right now by the time I get home. I hope to tackle at least a couple of areas of my home before the baby is here at least in the areas that are most needed, including my own bedroom. I need to just start throwing stuff away--which is very difficult for me.

Thank you for starting this blog and sharing it will us. I look forward to following it to see how you do!!