Friday, September 4, 2009


So in the past couple of months our family has seen our share of changes. I had the opportunity to accept a job at a really great company. The girls have changed schools and day cares. We've decided to put our house up for sale (as soon as it is decluttered). Who know what other changes are in store for us this year?

To report on the job, the first week went well. I have met some really great folks and am looking forward to working with them. I am adjusting to the drive, the traffice and the early hour I have to awake every morning to get us off and running for the day. I am adjusting to going to bed at a decent more late nights for me.

So all these changes have me thinking about how we react to the fluctuations that life sometimes brings and how this affects the decisions we make. Do we embrace it, hate it or fear it? Do we have to have time to clearly think through our next actions or do we just jump right ready for what comes our way?

So, for me, change is good. I think I enjoy the challenge of change from time to time. I like to figure out new possibilities. I also love to see how it all unfolds. Change keeps life interesting and embracing changes satisfies the adventurous side of me. So bring it on!

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