Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I Can Do It!

So what do you do when your baby has learned that she can be independent at least for some of her important daily tasks? What do you do when she insists that she can pick out and put on her own clothes (pink cowboy boots and all), brush her own teeth and hair (with toothpaste all over the bathroom), and tie her own shoes (in a knot)?

Well, this comes with mixed emotions for me. Honestly, I am sad to see my "baby" grow up. I wish she could stay 3 forever. This is my favorite age so far. She is like a little adult walking around the house pushing her doll in a miniature stroller while holding a handbag over her shoulder with her precious "make up" and "cell phone" inside. Don't get me wrong she is a challenge at times. She has always been strong willed and very smart. And learned the best "negotiation" techniques from her older sister. But by and large, she is funny and sweet and a very caring little girl.

So what's the bright side of watching your little ones take those crucial steps in gaining indepence (even if it is just tieing their shoes for now)? Well I am happy to be raising girls who are strong, independent and hopefully and eventually self reliant. I want them to know that we (Glen and I) are here for them whenever they need us, and it is okay to need your parents. But I also want to watch them dance instead of sit it out on the side lines. I would rather them take a chance and fail then to have never tried at all. You go girls!

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